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Students in Ahmad Shah Abdali School study all subjects required by the Ministry of Education, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan plus supplemental topics designed to bring their education to international standards. All classes are co-educational with males and females attending the same classes. Following is a list of subjects by topic.

1. Schedule a tour

As a parent, you should visit the School on khoshal khan , Spin Kelai Squre to view the facilities and to obtain information. Our office hours are 7 a.m. until 4 p.m. Saturday through Thursday. If you cannot visit during normal office hours, please make an appointment by calling (+93) 0202562030. We’ll find a time to meet you at your convenience.

2. Complete the application packet

Complete the Application for Admission form. This form is available in our administrative office on khoshal khan , Spin Kelai Squre. The form can also be emailed upon request. Please attach the following documents to this application form:

. A copy of the student’s and parents’ national ID
. Four passport-size photos of the student applicant
. Documents from previous school
. Application fee
. A Medical Form completed and signed by a licensed physician practicing in Afghanistan.

The physician must certify that the student applicant is free of any communicable diseases or other health issues that might endanger other students.
This form can also be obtained by contacting our administrative office on khoshal khan , Spin Kelai Squre. &! 3. Schedule an evaluation Once all materials are complete and we have received the application, students will be given an admissions test to determine their educational level.
If a student is not able to attend the Ahmad Shah Abdali School, then part of the application fee will be returned. Otherwise, this fee is non-refundable.

3. Receive notification

Once all evaluations and assessments are completed, parents will be notified upon acceptance of the student for admission to Ahmad Shah Abdali School. The first quarter’s tuition must be paid within three working days or by March 1, 2016 – whichever date is later. Parents will then receive detailed instructions about the beginning of classes, uniforms, transportation and other information.

* Any questions regarding admissions should be directed to our administrative offices on khoshal khan , Spin Kelai Squre, in person between 7 a.m. and 2 p.m or by calling (+93) 0202562030.