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The mission of the Ahmad Shah Abdali School (ASA) is to educate its students for a lifetime of success and to instill high standards, character, commitment, and the pursuit of achievement in each student. Integrating the best aspects of western educational systems, students are groomed to attend university in Afghanistan or at other institutions internationally. The ASA is dedicated to students’ ethical, social, and academic progress while broadening the appreciation for Afghan culture and respect for the cultures of other nations.


In order to accomplish the Mission of Ahmad Shah Abdali School, the Board of Education is committed to fostering in its students positive growth in social and emotional behaviors and attitudes essential for success in its diverse and competitive society by:
. Educating its students to achieve high grades of academic performance
. Involving schools, families, businesses, and community as partners in preparing its students for a life time of success
. Planning for and securing sufficient resources to provide the best educational opportunities for its students
. Hiring and developing personnel who recognize and foster the unique potential of each student
. Acquiring, maintaining and utilizing facilities and technologies to enhance the learning environment and academic achievement for its students
. Acquiring knowledge on community, legislative and the best direction for its school students